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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:† How close to the mountains are your listings?†
A:† Most are within a few miles of the peaks, comprising the foothills.

Q:† Are properties in the area accessible year round?†
A:† Yes, most properties are year round via county maintained roads and maintained subdivision roads.†

Q:† Other properties Iíve seen in the area look like scrub and pasture lands, why do your listings have so many trees and where are they located?†
A:† Take a look at the mapping on our site, you will see a rain shadow effect caused by the mountains.† The closer you are to them, the more moisture they squeeze out over your land.† As a result, there are more and taller trees closest to the mountains.

Q:† Are these properties private and secluded, how close will my neighbor be?††
A:† Yes, all 35 acre plus tracts are private for the most part.† 35 acres is a lot of ground, so throw in a ton of trees and topographical variations and you have your privacy.† Most neighbors are within a quarter mile.†

Q:† What are the best ranch subdivisions for views and proximity to the mountains?†
A:† The best subdivisions are the ones closest to the mountains.† They are in high demand and what everyone wants; Tall pines, great views, year round access, and power.†

Q:† Are horses or other livestock allowed on most properties?†
A:† Yes, most properties can have limited livestock.†

Q:† Are RVís and mobile homes allowed to be placed on your properties?†
A:† Yes, however most subdivisions allow this for recreational purposes only.†

Q:† Are there local trash pickup services available to the property, how does this work?†
A:† Some subdivision provide trash services. However, most residents take their trash to town, keeping it in a bear proof container until then.†

Q:† Is telephone service available, or do I have to use cellular?†
A:† Yes, both are available in most areas. With a good signal for Verizon and Alltel, cellular is a very good option.†

Q:† Is television service available to the property?†
A:† Satellite services are from Hughes, or you can mount your own dish.

Q:† What are my options for getting internet service to my property?†
A:† Satellite services †from Hughes or your own dish service.†1.5 Mps download and 500 Mps upload is what we get with Hughes.† We have to do a lot of pictures and video, and it works fine.

Q:† Where will U.S. Postal service deliver my mail, will I have a mailbox at my property line?†
A:† Mailboxes are along the county roads.†† If you are in a subdivision, you will go to the entrance to pick up your mail.

Q:† Does UPS, FedEx, or other carriers deliver to this property?
A:† Yes, all the time.†


Q:† Why is there such a wide range of prices when looking at property in this area?†
A:† The prices in the mountains increase in direct proportion to the amount of trees, views, and proximity to the peaks and public lands.†

Q:† How much are the property taxes in this area?†
A:† Between $5†and $40 annually for 35 vacant acres, and $150 to $600 annually for 35 acres with a home.†

Q:† Are there good covenants and restrictions to protect my investment?†
A:† Yes, most subdivisions have good basic covenants and restrictions, and yet are flexible enough to allow people to enjoy their property without oversight.†

Q:† Is there a formal property owners association in these ranch developments?†
A:† Yes, most subdivisions have an owners association, with their main purpose being to maintain the roads and clear snow.

Q:† How well staked/pinned are the property lines, will I need a survey?†
A:† All our listed properties are pinned, most of which are visible.†So in most cases, you will not need a formal survey.

Q:† Can I use my bank, or should I look into local banks for financing?†
A:† Colorado banks are used to processing loans for properties being 5 to 35 acres.†Out of state banks can sometimes have difficulty with the acreage amount.† So using a local bank is usually the best way, and you will get comparable rates and terms.† If you go with an out of state bank, make sure they understand up front your property is more than a town lot and is in rural Colorado.† It will save you time and headaches.†


Q:† What is the average climate in the area of Southern Colorado?
A:† 50 degrees in the winter and 82 degrees in the summer.

Q:† Does it snow very often in the area, will I need snow equipment?†
A:† In most years, there is little need for snow equipment.†A quad with a blade works just fine, even for those once in every 3 to 4 years, four foot snows.†

Q:† What is the average elevation in the area?†
A:† Average elevation for most good mountain parcels is between 7200 and 9000k feet.†

Q:† Are there high forest fire concerns in the area?†
A:† No, we have very good fire departments with sub-stations around the area as well.† With the gas companies around, they bring out lots of heavy equipment to help fight any fire.†

Recreation and Amenities

Q:† Are there any area lakes or parks around?†
A:† Yes, lots of them.† About 10 parks and lakes from the eastern plains to the San Juan valley, all within two hours, and most within only 30 minutes of any property.†

Q:† How close are the nearest towns?†
A:† Pueblo is 45 minutes from Trinidad, Colorado Springs with the closest airport is 1.15 hours from Trinidad.†Denver is about 3.5 hours, and Santa Fe is about 2.5 hours from Trinidad.†

Q:† Are your emergency services fulltime or volunteer? †
A:† Both, with a Life-Flight operating out of Pueblo.†

Q: I see San Isabel National Forest on the map, is it nearby and accessible year round?†
A: Year round and very accessible, meaning there are very few people who know of or use the Forest.†Great place to get away.†

Q:† Where are the nearest ski resort from that area?
A:† Taos, Red River, Santa Fe, and Angle Fire all offer skiing within 2 hours.† Wolf Creek, Monarch, and most other ski areas in Colorado are 3 to 4 hours from Trinidad.


Q:† What kinds of animals can I expect to see from my property?
A:† Elk, Deer, Turkey, Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Bear, Red Tail Hawks, sometimes Eagles, Coyote, Fox, Hummingbirds, Crows, Blue Jays, Mountain Blues, Woodpeckers, Squirrels, etc.

Q:† Are there any problems with bears, mountain lions, or other predatory animals?†
A:† Only when you leave food out.† Most of the time, all bears and lions stay away from people. If you ever see a lion, count yourself lucky.† We have been here over nine years and have never seen one.†

Q:† Can I hunt from the confines of my own property?†
A:† Yes, for most parcels, you can hunt your own property and shoot targets if you like. †Be sure to review the owners association documents to see what is allowed for a specific subdivision.


Q:† What are the general conditions of the roads, what kind of vehicle would you recommend?†
A:† The highways and paved roads are well maintained all year.† County graveled roads can get muddy, but not bad at all, and are actually easier to drive in the snow.† Gravel gives you more traction than black top.†An all wheel or four wheel drive is best for a vehicle.† Anything from a Subaru to a one ton truck works fine.†

Q:† Who is responsible for road maintenance to the property line?†
A:† For most parcels, the county maintains to the subdivision entrance and then the subdivision maintains from there.† About 1/3 of subdivisions donít have road maintenance.† If you donít have it then you wonít get to your property during some parts of the year.†

Q:† What are the average costs of putting in a driveway to my build site?†
A:† Depending on length and terrain, cost will vary, but on average can run about $4,000 to $7,000.

Q:† How easy is it to find contractors to do improvements on my property?†
A:† Not too easy as there is a lot of building going on.†Plan early and start about a year in advance with lining up your contractor, installing power, a well, drive, and septic.† Power can take up to two months to get to your site.†

Q:† What are the average costs per sq foot to build a cabin in that area?†
A:† On average, about $140 per sqft with a contractor and $100 per sqft if you do your own contracting.†

Q:† Who provides electrical power in the area, or do I have to go solar?†
A:† Most parcels have power to the property line, with the rest having power within a half mile.†Grid power is provided from a local co-op, or solar power is always an option.†

Q:† How much does is cost to get power to my buildsite?†
A:† On average, about $5,000.† The power company will finance half and you get to use the same amount of power that your monthly payment is.†

Q:† How much will a septic system cost?†
A:† On average, about $5000.

Q:† If telephone is available to my property line, how much will it cost me to get it to my buildsite?
A:† Not much, if anything.† The phone company will usually do it for nothing, unless itís over an 1/8 of a mile, if so, budget $1000 just in case.†


Q:† What options are available to land owners for a water source?†
A:† Most of the time you have to drill a water well.† There are a few subdivisions with city water, and tap fees may apply.†

Q:† Why are most of the properties Iíve seen around 35-acres?†
A:† In 1972 Colorado law makers passed a law that required, from that point on, residents to have at least 35 acres if they wished to apply for and receive a domestic well permit if you owned less than 35 acres at the time, and unless your well had already been drilled or permit issued prior to 1972, you would only be able to apply for a house hold only permit. Therefore, no new parcels of less than 35 acres are allowed to drill a domestic water well without special approval, or without water being provided by some other source like water rights. A house hold permit can be issued, but very specific restrictions apply.

Q:† What is the average depth for most successful water wells?†
A:† About 200 to 400 feet, but it depends on what area you are in.† In some areas, depths can range from 600 to 800 feet, while another you can hit water at 20 feet.† So on average its about 200 to 400 feet for a well with average and production of 5 gpm.†

Q:† What is the average cost to drill a water well?†
A:† A water well will cost about $8000 for an average depth and production.†

Q:† Whatís a douserÖand will I need one?†
A:† A Douser is a person that can find the best locations on your property to drill for water.† They have about a 90% hit rate, so its good to use one.†

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